The Arts Capsule

is an artists’ cooperative that focuses on global arts initiatives.
We strive toward creating designs that resonate with the ever-evolving global creative culture. We believe that making small gestures toward the greater good informs our work and makes it all the more joyous to create. We hope this joy translates from our hands to your space.  

We reference mid-century graphics to come up with these densely colored, brightly lit artworks. Through our simplified, symbolic design language we aim to visually communicate the essential elements of a space as a sanctuary. Line, shape, and color are the key elements we use to mindfully explore our philosophy.

Our geometric shapes are translated into a distinctive visual language with an array of classic eye-popping colors that make each edition easily interchangeable between spaces. We want to inspire the room, and create harmony with multiple color ways to adorn any space thoughtfully.

Enjoy, collect, meditate on fresh color!